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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Exciting day for all of my fifth graders--and some interesting observations. Friday was the culminating event for their biography project. During the second week of school, their classroom teacher assigned them a research packet (their choice, no sports or entertainment figures). When they came to Library each week (and some at lunch) we looked at print, online and database sources for their information. I helped them refine their searching and writing skills and pictures were included for their final presentations. Students were to have a very good idea of their person and why he or she made a difference in our lives. On Friday, they dressed as that person and talked and answered questions as that person for other students in our school. It was a great success-very creative ideas and much excitement all around! One of the best parts was that many of the boys got so into this project. Three of my students, who struggle academically, were very enthusiastic and ended up doing asuper, well-thought out projects they were proud of. As William Pollack, author of _Real Boys_, puts it, "Boys, just like girls, do best in schools that give them the chance to participate in learning activities that correspond to their personal interests and competencies, enabling them to sound their authentic voices and thrive as individuals." (p.253). A good read.


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