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Sunday, November 20, 2005

My third grade classes are almost finished writing their collective biographies. For this project, I had student pairs interview each other using a set of simple questions. The results of the interviews were then used as writing prompts for two written paragraphs about their classmate. A simple crayon portrait was then added. I know the students quite well and tried to pair up those that are not best friends. Many boys ended up with girls as partners, much to the boys' disappointments. I am in the process of typing up the written paragraphs and will bind these with the portraits into class books. What is revealed in the interviews is often thoughtful, funny, and interesting. When asked to name something special about himself, one boy said it's because 'he has more strength in his foot than his arm'. Another said it's because 'he knows how to be a really good friend.' In addition to soccer, baseball and hockey, several boys listed dancing and singing as favorite activities.


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