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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Some excellent book recommendations for boys (and girls) are offered on the Education Oasis web site. Educators, reading specialists and boys suggest a variety of titles for primary, intermediate and high school readers. Included in the mix is Carl Hiassen's _Hoot_, which I'm currently doing with my fifth graders-great read. The book has prompted all sorts of side discussions--what constitutes vandalism, bus bullies and being the new kid in school. These discussions seem to spring up naturally, without prompting from me. I am often touched by the honesty and depth of feelings revealed by many students during these discussions. The other day, one boy shared that this is the sixth town and elementary school for him. (remember, these are fifth graders).


At 7:28 AM, Blogger Chris Barton said...

I finished reading Hoot just this morning, and I can see how thought-provoking it could be for a classroom. I'm curious -- did your students have any thoughts about Roy's miscarried sister, and how that might have made him feel protective toward the owls and made his mother feel protective toward Mullet Fingers?


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